About Self

Wouldn’t you like to know! ¬†Well, go on:

What the Hell is Selfobsessed?

Jeffery Self is obsessed (get it?) with pop culture… whether it’s character actresses from the eighties or the latest business venture of a Real Housewife, when he’s obsessed Jeffery makes sure you know about it. On selfobsessed, his new web series, Jeffery celebrates all of his current obsessions through sketches, interviews, lessons, rants, and everything else short of showing up at Debra Winger’s house in the middle of the night (not doing that again). Check back here every Monday thru Friday for the latest installment of Self being completely, utterly, and whole-heartedly OBSESSED!

Who the Hell is Jeffery Self?

Jeffery Self is an actor, writer, vlogger and lover of a lot of things (especially peanut butter and Oprah Winfrey). He co-created Jeffery and Cole Casserole on LOGO with friend Cole Escola. He has also appeared on other shows, including Hot in Cleveland, Shameless, Torchwood, 90210 and 30 Rock as Randy Lemon. He lives in Los Angeles with his boyfriend Patrick and DVR filled with episodes of The View. Follow him on Twitter @jefferyself.